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GFC #railexpertise is specialized in railway consulting services.
Our objectives are the improvement and expansion of railway network through efficient installation, maintenance and renewal.


Examination, assessment, diagnosis: we evaluate every situation based on our flexibility and wide railway asset management knowledge.

Technical assistance

Specialized support in specific fields: we prepare and write tender documents, analyze offers, oversee and coordinate works.

Management support

Information gathering and report delivering: we help the decision-makers make the right choices for meeting their objectives.

Market research

Is your product meeting railway market specifications? We achieve comprehensive SWOT analysis covering all involved environmental factors.

Communication strategy

Increased product awareness through adapted information: we translate and revise documentation for audiance attention and image improvement.


Connections and key-people identification: we facilitate momentum in private and public sector by promptly reaching the right people.

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Julien Verstraelen, Director: +32 499 63 27 67
Gérard Verstraelen, Senior Expert: +32 476 49 01 94

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